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What Is CrossFit

What Is CrossFit

CrossFit is a program that burns fat and builds muscle faster than you ever thought possible!

CrossFit is scalable to each individual’s capabilities and works equally for elite athletics as for someone just getting back into shape. Everyone can participate and make progress!

CrossFit uses functional movements that are performed at high-intensity for shorter periods of time than your regular “gym” workouts. The workouts are constantly varied, which means every workout is different ensuring that you always make progress and never get bored.

At CrossFit Maximum Capacity classes are led by experienced CrossFit coaches and are peer-driven, meaning we are a CrossFit family and we support and encourage each other to succeed. This provides an excellent mixture of individual coaching and group motivation.

Our coaches place a heavy emphasis on mechanics and form to ensure your confidence, safety, and results. You’ll be challenged with athletic functional exercises, bodyweight calisthenics, weightlifting, and cardiovascular conditioning, kettle bells, gymnastic rings, medicine balls, rope climbs, power lifting and lots of other training techniques. Adjustments in the number of repetitions, the amount of weight, and the distance can always be made so that everyone can participate.

Anyone can excel at CrossFit, and everyone who is committed will achieve amazing results. You will always be Coached, encouraged and challenged to improve your performance and test your abilities. It will change your life and how you view health and fitness!